21.3’’ 3MP Color Medical Display with Low Blue Light Technology
Ideal for making accurate diagnostics

Backlight Stabilization System
Brightness stabilization of the display can be maintained throughout entire life cycle.

Primary Screen Adaptation
In workstation, doctors can easily concentrate on the primary screen by having auto dimmed luminance of neighbor image.

Low Blue Light Technology
Significantly reduce the risk of macular degeneration caused by blue light.

Compliant with DICOM Standard
Medical images including the most subtle details can be display precisely, keep display consistency between different monitors and imaging modalities, to ensure diagnostic accuracy.

QA Software
Guarantee stable DICOM grayscale images and consistency of the display in real-time.

Ambient Light Adaptive System
Brightness can be adjusted to proper level automatically to ensure display comply with DICOM standard in any ambient environment.

Continuous Quality Assurance System
Display accuracy of medical image could be continuously and automatically assured.

  • Size:21.3"
  • Resoluiton:3mp
  • Matrix:2048 x 1536
  • Brightness:1000 cd/m² Typ.
  • View angle:178° Typ.
  • Contrast ratio:1800:1 Typ.
  • Input:Display Port: 20 pin DVI-D : 24 pin
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