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Over 60 years experience!

"For 60 years, providing reliable technologies and a comprehensive range of robust radiography, fluoroscopy and interventional radiology products and services."

Best in house grown image quality

"Thales manufactures the cesium iodide (Csl) scintillator using an indirect deposition process that improves the efficiency of light transmission to the photodiode matrix."

Cybersecurity? by Design.

"The products are "cybersecure" by design: risk analysis, coding rules, regular penetration testing against cyber attacks, vulnerability assessment and cybersecurity Management process."

Pixium Portable EZ Family

The Pixium Portable family consists of 2 sizes:
  • PIXIUM PORTABLE 2430 EZ-C at 1.6 kg
  • PIXIUM PORTABLE 3543 EZ-C at 2.8 kg

Coming soon
  • IP67 for EZ1.3 version available (2023).
  • Size:24x30, 35x43
  • Pixel Pitch:148 µm
  • DQE(0):70
  • Dynamic Mode:up to 6 fps
  • Storage:70 Images
  • Weight:1,6kg / 2,8kg

Pixium Portable EZ2-HD Family

The Pixium Portable EZ2 HD family consists of 3 sizes and will be available in Q3 2023:
  • PIXIUM PORTABLE EZ2-HD 3543 2, 8 kg
  • Size:24x30, 35x43, 43x43
  • Pixel Pitch:85µm, 100µm, 100µm
  • DQE(0):70
  • Dynamic Mode:-
  • Storage:-
  • Weight:-

Pixium Portable EZ3 X Family

The Pixium Portable EZ3 X family consists of 3 sizes and will be available in Q3/Q4 2023:
  • PIXIUM PORTABLE EZ3 X 2430 weighing 1.6kg
  • PIXIUM PORTABLE EZ3 X 3543 weighing 2, 5 kg
  • PIXIUM PORTABLE EZ3 X 4343 with 3 kg
  • Size:24x30, 35x43, 43x43
  • Pixel Pitch:100µm
  • DQE(0):71
  • Dynamic Mode:Fluoro / Tomo
  • Storage:yes
  • Weight:1,6kg / 2,5kg / 3kg

Pixium Portable DR Family

The Pixium Portable DR comes in one size only:
  • PIXIUM PORTABLE 3543DR cs at 3 kg
  • Size:35x43
  • Pixel Pitch:160µm
  • DQE(0):70
  • Dynamic Mode:-
  • Storage:yes, autonomous mode
  • Weight:3kg

ArtPix Mobile EZ2GO

Thales gives way to a generation of Digital Radiography Imaging Sub-System with ArtPix Mobile EZ2GO.
It is probably the right retrofit solution for mobile and fixed radiology units, featuring a state-of-the art Graphic User Interface (GUI) and incorporates Thales’s best in-class Wi-Fi detectors Pixium Portable 3543 EZ, Pixium Portable 2430 EZ and Pixium Portable 3543 DR.

Plug and Play Solution
A ‘plug and play’ solution, ready for immediate use no need for cable attachment thanks to the inbuilt Wi-Fi detector Detector has an auto detection capacity no need for generator synchronisation
Ultra-portable solution includes the worlds lightest tablet and detector of their kind
Waterproof, rugged and operates on 8 hours autonomy built to withstand the toughest of environments

Workflow Optimisation
The system can be used wherever it is required for an unlimited number of exams, in the: X-ray mobile unit, RF room, RAD room and neonatal room
The system supports three Thales Pixium Portable EZ detectors: Pixium Portable 3543 EZ, Pixium Portable 2430 EZ and Pixium Portable 3543 DR
The patient ID can be selected manually, by barcode or by DICOM
Workflow is advanced by immediate reviewing of the image
image can be sent to PACS from anywhere in the hospital
This avoids returning to base between patients as with the traditional CR system

Image Quality
Advanced Rhapsody Technology (A.R.T) image Processing Algorithm
offers image quality ensuring a rapid and accurate diagnosis
Procedure is quick optimising patient comfort
High system instantaneity significantly reduces retakes
Statistics on images can be added for improved dose management

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